What it takes to become a good general manager.

The first and foremost thing that will pop up in anybody’s minds is that to become a good general manager all you have to do is work hard. However is it really the truth or there are numerous things that you have to take care of, if you really want the tag of ‘good’ with your esteemed designation. The importance of a good general manager is easily apparent from one prime example of Dubai. Dubai is one of the expensive places on earth and some of the greatest general managers have used their ingenuity to create many cheap places to stay in Dubai while keeping their quality at par with that of the image of Dubai. The list of things that would make a general manger great is really subjective as different people are in different environments, facing different challenges and having different shortcomings. However here is a list of things that could and should be applied to any general manager to see to it that he adheres to all the basics:


  •         Listen to what your team has to say

While in the earlier days the team members just listened to what their boss had to say, laughed at his jokes and nodded to his suggestions and recommendations. However nowadays everyone is keen on developing their own intellect and this has led to active participation of all members of a team regardless of its size. Now it is the duty of the general manager to conduct the meeting in such a way that all members are heard and paid attention to.

  •         Share the knowledge

It is understandable that you have become the general manager and so you must be having a lot of experience and knowledge. Thus it is your duty to share this knowledge with others so that everyone may take its advantage and avoid the loopholes that you fell in; this will surely build a great image of you and is a key stepping stone to becoming a good general manager.

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  •         Stay connected to Industry news

As the GM you should always be aware of the key developments in the policies and technologies of your sector and other industries. You should also be aware of the major deals between different participants of the industry. All this knowledge will not only help you in taking major decisions but it will also give you an opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge gained from all this reading in the growth of your company.

  •         Take advantage of criticism

Everyone falls under the cliché nobody is perfect but clichés are clichés because they are true and similarly it is not necessary that just because a person is a general manager he is perfect. Thus a general manager should always embrace criticism and try to learn from his mistakes rather than going after anybody who pointed out the shortcomings.

  •         Motivate people

Last but by all means probably the most important, as a general manager it is you duty to motivate the others working under you so that they may look up to you and draw inspiration from you. You can motivate anybody and everybody who is facing either professional problems or personal problems.

A general manager is at the helm of a company and his qualities play a major role in guiding the company to new kinds of success. So if you want to become great ensure you do everything mentioned in the list and the result will be good not only for you but also for your company.


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