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Digital Camera Price In Dubai

Digital Camera

When it comes to buying a camera, then there are a lot of things to look for. These include the purpose you wish to buy it for, the price range and the type of camera. Since digital cameras are the most popular buys of many out there, you would prefer to buy one. But again, which one should you choose is again the question as there are many varieties with the digital camera price in Dubai ranging from 300 AED to 3000 AED. Let us discuss a few of the most popular types of Digital cameras in this article.

· Standard Compact
Also known as Point and Shoots, a standard compact digital camera is the most basic types of digital cameras. They are small, and light in weight and these types of digital camera price in Dubai ranges from 300 AED to 400 AED. They can be fully automatic or with manual exposure option, with a zoom lens inside the camera. You can also find an in built flash and an Lcd display on the back.

· Zoom Compact
Quite like standard compact camera, the zoom compact digital cameras have a comparatively powerful zoom lens. These are also bigger in sizes than the standard ones and usually offer the feature of HD video recording. depending on the camera brand, these also include the feature of geo-tagging.

· Adventure Cameras
The advanced digital cameras have a tough built and are designed to withstand the elements. Being waterproof, shockproof, and sometime even freeze proof, these cameras are ideal to be used in extreme conditions. This is the reason why these digital cameras are pricey. But their zoom is equivalent to that of standard digital cameras and also these have limited exposure options.

· Advanced Compact
If you happen to be an experienced and a pro photographer and require more versatility, quality and creativity in your photography, then these types of advanced digital cameras are designed for you. Various features like manual exposure mode, manual focusing feature, optical viewfinders, external flash and various others make these cameras a brilliant choice for professionals.

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