Spa sonic skin care system kit.

Before saying anything about the spa sonic system let us first get a brief explanation on what a sonic care system or sonic cleansing equipment is all about. It is a handheld tool that makes use of the sonic technology power and provides a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and toning to your facial and body skin and reveal a fresh and younger looking radiant skin. You often would be going to an expensive spa or salon to get facials and body treatments, all of which can cost you a lot of money. But, a sonic skin care system kit gives you a convenient and pocket friendly method to perform all the skin care procedures with a small yet powerful handheld device. Click Here for more details.

The term “sonic cleansing” initially originates from the way that the bristles on the head of the purifying brush sway or oscillates at a precision tuned sonic frequency, which is 127 Hz. The Clarisonic brush made by the key designer of the Soni-care toothbrush that made use of oscillating motion for cleaning teeth, was the first sonic skin care device. The basic idea used in every sonic skin care product is that the quick movements of the bristles on the brush cleans the skin gently but very profoundly by removing any cosmetics deposit, clearing pores, and softly exfoliating the dead skin. There are many skin care systems in the market that claims to make the skin absorbent  so that the skin care ingredients are retained on it.

Spa sonic Kit

Spa sonic Kit

About spa sonic skin care system kit

Cleansing your skin thoroughly every day, is not much possible because of the lack of time. Moreover, expensive spa treatments are not very affordable for everyone. As a solution to this problem, a spa sonic skin care kit comes in handy. It helps in getting rid of up to six times more grime and dirt than manual cleansing in a span of just one minute. And hence giving you a brighter, clearer and perfect skin tone that you always desired. Many dermatologists also recommend this advanced skincare system for deep cleaning of the skin and tightening it.

The bristles on all of the brushes of a spa sonic system are made up of soft nylon fibers that are gentle on the skin. Most of the brushes make use of a combination of moving and stationary nylon bristles, which moves or oscillates at the speed of above 300 RPS (rotation per second). Accordingly a gentle force is generated that removes the grime from the skin, without causing any harm to it.

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System kit generally includes, a body polishing unit, a small and a large facial brush, a facial buffer or sponge for microdermabrasion and reduction of fine lines and a pumice stone for cleaning rough edges like knees and elbows. This is a waterproof device, and therefore can be used in the shower, bath and sink. The sale of this product was initially restricted to Spas and Salons only, but is now available for general public so that they can get a spa level experience at their homes.


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