How can one become a better Photographer.

Photography in Dubai

Photography is an art in its purest form.  Photographs speak volumes of emotion when words do not suffice. It is necessary to practice this art right to be established as a good photographer. Photographers in Dubai stress on how creativity and a keen eye for the perfect moment are important while clicking a picture. They also talk about how though patience is bitter, its fruit is sweet and hence it is necessary to patient while attempting to click a picture. Apart from this, there are other aspects to keep in mind to become a better photographer. Some of these include:

  • Practice: The famous saying “practice makes a man perfect” is the key to becoming a successful and professional photographer. Go out into the open and discover what you love to capture. It may simply be clicking pictures of nature or people or things. Find what makes you passionate about photography and click away. The more you click pictures, the better you will get at it. Over confidence and arrogance gets you nowhere. Focus on how you can better yourself. Find flaws in your pictures and try new ways to make it look better.

    Photography in Dubai

    Photographer in Dubai

  • Look: Often, we miss what we see right in front of us. Look around you for inspiration. Go through magazines and other books and find pictures that speak to you. Reflect on why they speak to you and try to look for it in your daily life. Photographers in Dubai say that they click their best pictures when they least expect to. Sometimes, they miss shots because they did not look closely enough. So look. Look for beauty in everything you see.
  • Know your camera: Though this may seem like a basic rule, often people do not explore the features of their cameras and lose out on learning how their gadget works. Instead, sit down and play around with your camera. Learn its unique features and how different settings can produce different pictures. This will help you set the camera for the desired photo within no time and thus make you a skilled and better photographer.
  • Create boundaries: Creating boundaries and restricting yourself, though seems like a bad approach in photography, on the contrary widens your creative capabilities. For example when you limit yourself to shoot only in black and white, you try to find ways to make that black and white picture better. This helps improve your photography as a whole.
  • Shoot during the Golden hour: According to photographers in Dubai, their best pictures are often during sunrise or sunset or just before sunset. This hour, known as the Golden hour has just the right amount of lighting. The light gives an unbelievable glow and warmth to mountains, trees and even buildings. The light along with the color of the sky sets the perfect background for a one in a million picture. Thus, shoot during the Golden hour to enhance your photography skills.

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