Misconceptions About Interior Design Courses.

Dubai interior design

There are various whoppers about the interior designers. The people think hiring them would be waste of time, resources and money because designers just experiment with the client’s homes and do just contrast of colours and patterns.  The biggest conception about them is people think interior designer and decorator are the same.

In Dubai, women are dominated in doing interior design courses because they might excel than men and reach to success fast. We are living in 21st century and still we think of discouraging women in every way possible. Women can’t reach to success within a day or two, it needs dedication and talent to become the best among all.

There are some vintage myths about interior design courses in Dubai which we want to expose.

  • Female Course = Interior Designing

People believe that only women studies interior design course in Dubai because their work is to keep the home lively and presentable all the time. If men, want to take up this course then they are tagged as Gay until they become straight. This misconception is idiotic, no job should be judged in terms of race, creed and sex. It’s the desire and passion for designing that matters.

  • Designers are just Fabric Jugglers

In this course, we train people to create space at the right amount to make it look beautiful. The course teaches them about buildings, reading blue prints and layouts. Interior designers are not fabric jugglers. We make customised homes so that your status quotient grows and so does ours. We designers need to take care of our client’s needs and our ideas to be collided with each other. We are makers, not jugglers or circus masters.

Dubai interior design

Misconceptions in Interior design Courses

  • Interior Designers and Decorator are the Same

It’s a serious myth that if we study interior design courses in Dubai then we are same as the decorator. Decorators are creative minds who just make their place or work space more colourful and lively. They try to make boring place into a cheerful place where you love to be. Whereas, an interior designer put things in the right places. They do not experiment in client place nor make atrocious mistakes. They are focused and confident about their plan and execute accordingly. So both professions are different from each other.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

We think why waste money on such courses instead we redecorate or do renovation of our space or homes all by ourselves. If people were so talented and well equipped then why would be studying interior design course in Dubai? We need advice of an expert in this field. Don’t be stingy for money and study the course for better job opportunities globally. If we learn about a particular course then we get more updated with the latest trends and fashion and make us better in our profession.  

  • No scope in Interior Designing

As women we are always thought that you can study the course as your hobby or as leisure. But they do not let you purse it. Well here is another myth which sounds so retro. It’s your determination which takes you ahead in your life. If your passion drives you crazy day and night then no power can stop you to step into this profession. There is demand for interior designers globally. It all depends on your portfolio, talent and willpower of getting more out of you.  

So here were some misconceptions which would have changed your concept towards interior design. It’s up to you, whether you want to excel or bounce back on your seat.


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