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Different types of Dubai visiting visa

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. From Burj Khalifa (the tallest structure in the world) to various other must see exotic locations to tax-free shopping, the city has a lot to offer for potential tourists. As an icing on the cake, this Arabic city, has no kind of racial discrimination here, unlike that in many other Arab cities. Whether you are Asian, black or white, the residents are very open to every tourist. So if you are thinking to drop by Dubai for your vacation, a Dubai visit visa is a must for you.Click here for more details.

Just as a visiting visa is required for seeing any country, so is in this city. Every country has different rules for giving a visiting visa to the people who are interested to see a city in that particular country. Similarly, there are certain UAE visa rules that you need to follow in order to get a visiting visa for Dubai. Here in this article, we shall discuss a few types of Dubai visiting visa.

There are many different types of Dubai visit visa provided under the UAE visa rules. These include the short term or long term visit visas, tourist visas, multiple entry visas and transit visas.

  • Short or long term: a short-term Dubai visit visa allows the visitor to stay in the city for a duration of 30 days, whereas you are permitted to stay in Dubai for 90 days if you have a long-term Dubai visiting visa. And according to the UAE visiting visa rules, there is no possibility of getting permissible extensions. If one happens to be an immediate family member of a Dubai resident, then he/she can sponsor and obtain the individual’s visit visa.
  • Tourist visas: Individuals from a defined list of countries, like East and West Europe, Cuba, Mexico, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Singapore, Malta, Hellenic Republic, Belize, Kingston, Bulgaria, China and a few others are eligible for getting a tourist visa for Dubai.
  • Transit visas: this kind of visa allows a person to stay in Dubai for 96 hours. People who have a connecting flight to another country from a Dubai minimum of 8-hour stay can opt for this type of visa. The airlines who have such passengers in the flight sponsor this kind of visa for them. A few countries like Afghanistan and Iraq are not eligible for such transit visas.
  • Multiple entry visas:  this type of visa, will allow a visitor to enter or exit Dubai for the next six months.   However, one can stay there for a duration of 30 days per entry. Generally, the people who travel to the city for business purpose opt for this type of visa.  One can obtain this type of visit visa in Dubai, only after getting an initial visit visa.

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