What basic accessories are required by the photographers.

Photography in Dubai

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer in Dubai or Delhi or New York or any city for that matter, there are some basic accessories that will not change wherever you go. These accessories will stay with you from the beginning of your photography career to the end of it. They will become your best friends in the field of photography and you should never let them go.

So what are these accessories that you should always have when you are out being a photographer in Dubai, say for example? There’re a lot of things that can be added to the list but a few things make it to the top of that list. What are they? Read on to know more.

  • Various Lenses and Filters

If you are a photographer, you will know that all the DSLR or mirror less cameras or whichever you use, have the option of changing lenses and filters for each situation. The stock lens that you receive will not be enough, it is never enough. Usually these lenses are only capable of taking pictures that belong to an amateur level. Hence, you will always require better lenses. This is very important when you are a professional photographer. Dubai is a famous place for buying these lenses. A lens filter is a simple equipment that is used to control lighting in your photographs and maybe even create some effects.

  • Tripod, Shoulder Rigs and Other Gears

If you are an amateur photographer, you might not find it that important but if you are a professional, regular photographer in Dubai or in any other crowded city, it is a very important tool. If you try taking handheld photographs, there are chances of being pushed and you might end up taking photos that are blurred. That won’t look good. Sometimes, the lenses can be really heavy and you won’t be able to hold it. These gears help in holding the same. These gears are also useful in taking group photos.

  • Memory Devices and Card Readers

This might seem very simple but it is very important. There are always a high chance of forgetting these things. What you have to never fail to remember is that, your job will be a failure without these. So whenever you are going out for a photoshoot or a photo walk, check properly that you have taken enough memory cards with you. In the digital age, the importance of memory card is very high. And, when you come back, you have to have the perfect device for the storage of these photographs. That is where card readers come in.

  • Artificial Lights

There is always a chance of having light problems during a photo shoot. This is one of the most common problems faced by a photographer. So make sure you have artificial lights like flash. This way you can take photos even in the darkest surroundings.

These are the most important and basic accessories that are required for a professional photographer. There are many other factors but we feel a photographer can’t survive without these.


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