Advanced Cake Designs And How To Create Them

Although cake designing is an art in itself, you don’t need to be born with it to master it. With various cake decorating classes springing across the country, you may begin to wonder about the difficulty level of cake designing. But worry not because this isn’t such a big Himalayan task as it sounds. With simple tools, techniques and little bit of creativity, you can to deliver the results way about expectations. You can even find such exceptional designs in the best cake shop in Dubai.

This is because, a cake shop in Dubai, with its vast knowledge and expertise, can get very innovative and help you get the best looking and mouth watering cakes. Following are some of the techniques you can use to create magic on your cakes:

Cake shops in Dubai

Cake shops in Dubai

  •         Cake painting: If you are an artist and are creating a cake for one, why not make it special and personalized? You can create a cake that looks like painting just the way a painting is created. The only difference will be your colors. Instead of real colors, you can use various food colors or colored syrups or jams. The only care you have to take is that your flavored colors don’t spoil the real taste of your cake.
  •         Pied piper: No we are not talking about the famous fictional character of the pied piper. However, we do mean a slight connection with it. Just like that pied piper, you too can create magic with your piping skills. You can create a variety of designs and textures like a flat icing base, tides, petals, flowers and so much more!
  •         Lacing and borders: Just like the intricate laces and borders in clothes, cakes too can be designed with laces and borders. This is, in fact, a bit of different piping skill only. In this design technique, you need to be a bit more careful because a slight mistake may spoil your entire cake.

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