Accessories worn by an Architects.

Architects, known for their suave personality and the mind of a visionary, are one of the most dynamic people. We know of some of the biggest builders all around the world, and the famous Ted Mosby as persuasive, hard working people for the development of the world. It takes a great deal of imagination, and vividness, to form a structure that is so rigid, yet so classy.

One would try to figure what an Architects in Dubai would wear to work, or his ideal “uniform”. Would they dress like the 9 to 5 job holders? Or would they be as casual as it could get; or would they pull off the professor look, with all the tweed that they’d be carrying. Whatever it may be, however it may be, we all definitely wonder how they’d accessorize on duty day.

  • Call it Simplicity:

For centuries we’ve seen architects dress and accessorize themselves as simple, and normal, per say. Having to be under pressure, and mental scrutiny, one doesn’t pay much attention to how they carry themselves, as they’re too busy figuring out the blueprints of a building plan.

  • Or you could call it Classy:

Architects have an innate sense of aesthetics, and class. It comes with years of experience in their field, designing layouts for the finest people and their exquisite lifestyles. Researchers say that specially Dubai  Architects have an effing fixation with bow ties, yet another example of timeless class. With Architects, there’s never any Grey, it’s always either Black or White, or per say, Dapper White.

Architects in UAE

Architects Accessory

  • Communication at its finest:

Having a job position like any sales department of a company, it calls for good communication and PR skills, and situations where you need to interact with the clients. A good deal is equally in ratio to a well groomed self. Any Architect would come to think that their major breakthroughs in a career, are that of when they slayed the client like a model on the ramp.

  • So what’s your favourite accessory?

We’ve come to notice that an Architect’s accessory, or perhaps their steps to success based on a facade, would be a pair of black rimmed glasses, and of course teaming it with the bow tie. Architects of today’s era want to keep it classy and yet modern. They believe that the main point of wearing a bow tie is to “buck tradition and embrace it at the same time.”


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