4 reasons why branded sunglasses are so expensive

Though there are a lot of people who already have or wish to purchase Ray Ban sunglasses in UAE. However, most of them shy away from the idea of purchasing them because of the fact that they are expensive. The cost is one of the main reasons why a lot of people avoid buying branded sunglasses.

Ray ban sunglasses in Dubai

Ray ban sunglasses in Dubai

There are several reasons why branded sunglasses are so expensive and their cost is also well justified. Here are the top reasons why branded sunglasses are so expensive –

  1. Very high quality: Well, this is quite obvious reason. Most brands are renowned for their quality of products. Ever seen how strong and durable the sunglass ranges offered from Ray Ban, Gucci or Prada are? That is because these brands only use high quality material for their offerings.
  2. Big, luxury brands fall under those with higher margins. They need higher budgets for marketing a product and they also have higher distribution, and R&D costs. To accommodate all these, brands need to price their products higher.
  3. Style is yet another important thing! Big brands need to keep themselves updated from time to time. They have to come up with great designs from time to time. To do so, they need to have good designers with them and the remuneration given to these designers is also very high and thus the price range.
  4. Big brands and bigger show rooms: It is obvious for big brands to showcase their products in bigger showrooms. These showrooms have to be maintained very well with great facilities. To accommodate all these and to keep up with their competitors, brands have a higher price range for their products.

All these reasons perfectly justify the cost of branded eyewear and if you are now keen on buying Ray Ban sunglasses in UAE, then the best destination is Optics Online in Dubai. They provide a wide range of options from different brands.



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