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Wallpaper designs for the Software Company

Wallpaper stickers in Dubai

Wallpapers or wall stickersin Dubaiplay a significant role in adding character to a residential or commercial space while doing away with the hassles of painting the walls. The fact that wallpapers can be very conveniently changed and restructured makes it earn more cookie points. If you are looking for some sophisticated yet elegant ways to jazz up the conference halls and office quarters of your software company through wall stickers in Dubai, here are some tips by Leeds Furnishing to help you out:

Firstly, choose a theme which relates to your software company. Ask yourself the following questions:

  •         Would you like to go with geeky or artistic designs?
  •         Which would go better with the temperament of your office space-explosive or minimalistic?
  •         How much personalisation would be too much?

Now, go through the following leads to find out how best to design the walls for your software company

  • Customized wallpapers beat pre-designed ones any day. Spend the time and effort needed to hire an interior designer and get customized designs for the walls of the office interiors-intricate corners of the corridor, cubicles, and the kitchen or cafeteria.
  • Stay away from wall stickers which can bring out a casual vibe, pick serious shapes and tones instead. After all, you don’t want clients to get the feel of a very informal ambiance around the office.
Wallpaper stickers in Dubai

Wallpaper stickers in Dubai

  • Try to make the office interiors look handsome by accentuating the hues of steel and glass in the interiors with your wallpaper. This classy demeanor will create an unforgettable first impression as it strikes the eyes of the visitor in a very favorable manner.
  • Choose your colors wisely. Go for neutral shades which are deep. Stay away from bright colors.Too much contrast in a commercial space doesn’t create the wanted vibe.
  • Paper, the wall with no windows and doors, color the rest of the walls with the same color as the wallpaper background.
  • You can choose to perfect an attention grabbing, bold print. Go for abstract, geometric or solid designs. A modern navy design succeeds in generating a powerful charisma.
  • Personalize those corner offices. Your office should be a reflection of your professionalism mingled with your personal tastes.
  • If you choose to capture a client’s attention with minimalist designs, be sure to do it right.

For software companies based in Dubai, Leeds Furnishing is an online store that you need to check out ifyou are looking for eye-catching designs of wall stickers and round the clock customer support.


Spa sonic skin care system kit.

Spa sonic Kit

Before saying anything about the spa sonic system let us first get a brief explanation on what a sonic care system or sonic cleansing equipment is all about. It is a handheld tool that makes use of the sonic technology power and provides a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and toning to your facial and body skin and reveal a fresh and younger looking radiant skin. You often would be going to an expensive spa or salon to get facials and body treatments, all of which can cost you a lot of money. But, a sonic skin care system kit gives you a convenient and pocket friendly method to perform all the skin care procedures with a small yet powerful handheld device. Click Here for more details.

The term “sonic cleansing” initially originates from the way that the bristles on the head of the purifying brush sway or oscillates at a precision tuned sonic frequency, which is 127 Hz. The Clarisonic brush made by the key designer of the Soni-care toothbrush that made use of oscillating motion for cleaning teeth, was the first sonic skin care device. The basic idea used in every sonic skin care product is that the quick movements of the bristles on the brush cleans the skin gently but very profoundly by removing any cosmetics deposit, clearing pores, and softly exfoliating the dead skin. There are many skin care systems in the market that claims to make the skin absorbent  so that the skin care ingredients are retained on it.

Spa sonic Kit

Spa sonic Kit

About spa sonic skin care system kit

Cleansing your skin thoroughly every day, is not much possible because of the lack of time. Moreover, expensive spa treatments are not very affordable for everyone. As a solution to this problem, a spa sonic skin care kit comes in handy. It helps in getting rid of up to six times more grime and dirt than manual cleansing in a span of just one minute. And hence giving you a brighter, clearer and perfect skin tone that you always desired. Many dermatologists also recommend this advanced skincare system for deep cleaning of the skin and tightening it.

The bristles on all of the brushes of a spa sonic system are made up of soft nylon fibers that are gentle on the skin. Most of the brushes make use of a combination of moving and stationary nylon bristles, which moves or oscillates at the speed of above 300 RPS (rotation per second). Accordingly a gentle force is generated that removes the grime from the skin, without causing any harm to it.

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System kit generally includes, a body polishing unit, a small and a large facial brush, a facial buffer or sponge for microdermabrasion and reduction of fine lines and a pumice stone for cleaning rough edges like knees and elbows. This is a waterproof device, and therefore can be used in the shower, bath and sink. The sale of this product was initially restricted to Spas and Salons only, but is now available for general public so that they can get a spa level experience at their homes.


Structured cabling

Cable Tray, UAE

A structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements called subsystems. This system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure offers a wide range of uses, such as to provide tele service or transmit data through a computer system. It shouldn’t be device dependent.

Structured cabling system regarding ownership is defined as a system which begins at a point where the Service Provider (SP) terminates. This point is the line of demarcation or Network Interface Device ( NID ).

For example, in a telephone system installation, the SP furnishes one or more service lines as per the costumer’s requirements. The SP connects the service line at the point of demarcation

Every structural cable system is unique. And this uniqueness is due to the following variations:

Variation’s in Structural Cabling

  •         The architectural structure of the building, which houses the cabling installation.
  •         The cable and connection products.
  •         The functions of cabling installation.
  •         The type of equipment the cabling installation will support.
  •         Consumer’s requirements
  •         Manufacturers warranties
  •         The configuration of an already installed system.

There is a website named, which sells the cable equipment like metal cable trays, metal cable ladders and so on. This is a UAE-based website.

Cable Tray, UAE

Structured Cabling

Structural cabling falls into six subsystems which are as follows:

  •           Entrance Facilities

It is a point where the telephone company network ends and connects with the on-premises wiring at the customer premises.

  •         Backbone cabling

It connects with the equipment or telecommunications room; they are named so as rooms are typically on different floors.

  •         Equipment Rooms

These are the house equipment and wiring consolidation points that serve the users inside the building or campus.

  •         Horizontal Cabling

Also known as inside wiring or plenum cabling which connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets and work area on the floor, usually through the wireways or ceiling spaces of each floor.

Benefits of Structural Cabling

  •         The consistency of design and installation.
  •         Conformance to physical and transmission line requirements.
  •         A basis for examining a proposed system expansion and other changes.
  •         Uniform Documentation.

The industry standard term for a network installation that serves a relatively small area ( such as a structured cabling installation ) is a Local Area Network (LAN). There are also Metropolitan Area Networks ( MANs ) and Wide Area Networks ( WAN ).

Structural Cabling Installations includes:

  •         Entrance facilities
  •         Vertical and horizontal backbone pathways.
  •         Vertical and horizontal backbone cables.
  •         Horizontal Pathways
  •         Horizontal Cables
  •         Work area outlets
  •         Equipment rooms
  •         Telecommunications closets
  •         Cross-connect facilities
  •         Transition and Consolidation points.

Structured cabling is a core element of the IT sector and although often taken for granted it is imperative that the solution is designed and installed correctly to ensure that it meets the requirements of today and future generations. Hence, with structured cabling expertise you can run multiple diverse systems- like wireless and Wi-Fi backhaul, lighting, security access controls and sensors with an easy to manage a network that lowers both installation and OPEX costs.


Best strategy to follow to market your company online.

Web design Dubai

Marketing any company in the online world is as crucial as marketing in the offline world. This is because most of the customers and clients could be reached via the online portal. Lately in the past couple of years a lot of competition has come up in the online world too and if the word of some of the biggest SEO experts of Dubai is to be believed then in order to have a strong presence for your company you must make new and innovative strategies and also keep reinventing them. Nowadays people take the help of Google for any and every thing from buying second hand cars to new homes to looking up for places to eat. Thus it is very important that you have a strong online presence if it is success that you seek. Here are a few strategies that will definitely render a strong online image to your company.

  • Market the content:

Creating and marketing content that would attract people towards your company via your website is definitely the most effective strategy to be followed. The web design company in Dubai, Minds Metricks have showed that paying equal attention to graphics and content can be highly rewarding, thus breaking away from the orthodox style wherein the major stress was laid on graphics. About five years back having relevant content was an option that many company chose to follow and many did not, however nowadays it is a must, so that is how fast things can change in the internet world. The content marketing primarily includes, adding content through various blogs at different kinds of portals wherein there is a high chance that your target audience might come up, So to put it bluntly you need to put your content right in front of the prospective customers. Several websites like LinkedIn or twitter or interest could be of use to you, in this situation. In addition to this you can also gain extra publicity by getting eBooks or white papers written on various subjects that might be associated with the issues of the industry that your company is a part of.

  • Making a reputation

Once the blogging part is taken care of and the traffic of your company’s website has successfully increased, the next most important thing to do is to keep these customers hooked on to your company and its products and services. Now by general logic once the customers know about a company he or she will try to gain more information about the company from the reviews of other previous customers. Now based on the general trend there are higher chances of an unsatisfied customer, posting a review as compared to a satisfied customer. So it is possible that even though you may have accumulated a lot of reviews, most of them are negative if your services are not good. Thus always try to make your service and product impeccable.

  • Build up the email list

Building up the email list is like building up a big wall of customers by adding small bricks. Nowadays some of the biggest of companies believe in staying in constant touch with their customers via different methods. Thus it is highly important that you keep contacting people via mails regardless of whether they are your customers or not. You need to keep telling them about your offers and products and attempt to entice them. Thus your website should definitely have provisions for website and blog conversations. This is also an excellent method to tell the people about the different free give-always that you might have.

Web design Dubai

  • Increasing the network

Even though healthy competition is good but you always need to stay in touch with your competitors. More importantly it is always advisable to stay in touch with the prominent influencers of the industry. This is because one word of endorsement from them could help you make a very prominent name for yourself. To establish connection with each of them, first of all you need to engage with them on regular basis and this could be done by several methods like joining their email list, following them on twitter, facebook etc and tagging them in your posts. Without a shadow of doubt this is a very slow process and could take up a lot of time, however it is surely extremely rewarding. Thus do not hesitate to go through this extremely grueling process because the results would be great.

  • Advertise on popular forums

There are lots of paid advertising forums wherein you can advertise your company and your services and products. This will be a bit costly but you can quite easily attract lots of customers. However the best part is that you can reap the benefits of the popularity of the advertising forum for your own advantage. Also these advertising platforms are very dynamic and attract lots of different kinds of customers and since there is no fixed tenure, if one advertising platform is not working out for you, a switch can always be made to some other platform. Many of the social media like facebook and twitter offer paid advertising mechanism and this creates a little window of opportunity to reach out to lots of customers. The social media marketing companies of Dubai have done wonders in terms of gaining popularity for different companies and feel that even though these social media platforms have been changing the mechanism for searching businesses and customers, they are still extremely effective. Plus you get the feel of direct interaction to your customers, thereby reducing the pain of finding and contacting them directly.

Even though the list is small these all steps must be followed to create a strong foundation on the basis of which if you execute other strategies then success could be very easily achieved. Even though the execution of these steps correctly is a bit difficult and time consuming, doing these correctly will make the future extremely smooth. Hence stop procrastinating because there are lots of things to be done and the sooner you start the better.

Tips To Bring Positivity To A Place

clutter free designs

Whether it’s your home or workplace, you need positivity around you. Having a positive attitude toward work is not enough sometimes. When the environment is not positive enough, people tend to lose their control over their work and their life which ultimately affects their work. A positive place can alter everything even if the state of mind is not so. Like if you are working for a really huge project and you need to stay positive about your work but the place which you are in are full of black holes that turn the whole environment around you gray. These black holes can be some sort of objects or things around you that constantly seek your attention and disturb you or they can be the people around you who intentionally or unintentionally disturb your work.

From the perception of energy, cleaning the place allows you to welcome good, high and positive vibrations and get rid of the negative ones. Not only do our bodies align with the dreams in this way but even our whole surrounding does. This even includes the way you have designed the place around you. Many interior design companies in Dubai offer great deals to make your place feel and look better. It only leaves a positive energy behind excluding all the negative ones.

creative shelf llc

Keeping Your Home Positively Charged

· Cleaning your house thoroughly every few months is very crucial to keep bringing positivity to your home. Having dirt and mess all around all the time will certainly not give you any peace after a long day at office. Keeping things organized will also help.

· Using incense at your home can be a natural way to keep your home alive and positive. They are available in a variety of options used for purification of the place leaving a sweet and lasting fragrance behind.

· Meditating inside the rooms or your home leaves a positive and pure impact behind which last longer. Your body feels fresh; hence the whole environment of the place changes. The energy levels boosts up the whole energy level of the room therefore the quality of your life is bound to improve.

· Having fresh plants and flowers also leave a fresh effect on the place. If the flowers are blooming and the plants are breathing fine, the whole place will light up like 4th of July. Usage of lamps and candles at the most appropriate hours might help you relax.

Most importantly, you need to adore the place or your home where you live. If that cannot happen, all the efforts will go in vain. If you are not willing to love your home, it will not love you back and this will give you a negative vibe.

Turning Your Workplace’s Environment Positive

Stop at this very moment and think why you are unable to succeed in any project. The reason should not necessarily be your inefficiency to give your 100% but it might be the environment of your workplace that makes every attempt a failure. To make your workplace have a more positive attitude, show some gratitude towards other employees and your colleagues. Everyone needs a friendly and fair workplace.

Keep yourself organized, focused and your workplace clean. Cluttering is a blunder and does not leave a good impression too. This even results in wastage of your time which ultimately affects your work.

To help yourself even further, keep those people away from your cubicle that actually cause trouble. If they are around you or your place, you will be disturbed. Either ignore them or cut them off completely because you definitely do not want to compromise with your work.

Take a moment to take stock of your own resources and of those around you because external factors affect us internally.

5 Ways to creatively use white tiles.

Dubai Interior Designing

So you have bought a new house and are planning to move in? Great! But a big task which is standing between you and your new house is interior decoration. It usually happens with people. There are very few people who shift to a new house or office without making any changes to it. But maximum people have the tendency to get a new interior according to them which will match their theme. Then, people hire interior decorators to get a new interior design which will suit their personality. It’s kind of a standard in the society. So called standard! Let’s not get into all that stuff. So after moving in, you are planning to get a new interior. No problem, just hire a decorator and he will fulfil your every need. Sometimes the same thing happens to an office interior too. People get the office interior according to a particular theme which will complement their office aura.

Some people get a simple final touch done to the interior, some get it fully done and some people add a little bit of spice to its decorative part. For office interior refurbishments, you can use tiles which are in trend these days. These tiles are easily available in the market and you can get these on discounts if you will buy these from a good store.

Few ways to decorate the place with white tiles are:

  • Don’t get confused, simply use white colour tiles. It will compliment every corner of your room. White colour tiles are mostly used because you can simply make out the difference between white and other colours. These white tiles which you can use for office interior refurbishment are easily available in market and that too at affordable prices. You can even go for online shopping if you really want to buy it.
  • There are many designs which are available in the market. The idea of using design tiles is popular among people and it adds beauty to the room. There are many designs which are available. You can chose according to your requirement.
  • You can use white tiles in every part of your house or office. It is basically designed to fit in every corner of the room. You can even use them to decorate your bathroom or kitchen or your conference or reading room in your office.
  • You will be surprised if you get a view of tiles with wood in a room. The white tiles and beautiful wood fit wonderfully together. If you want to make wonders then you can simply use white tiles with wood.
  • You can use white tiles to decorate your office as it is simple, plain and professional. Do you find any corporate office with those funky colours? No! That is why white is used. You can use them to define other colours in your room and you can also use coloured grout with them.

So these are some ways to use white tiles for your office interior refurbishment. And if you really want to make your office or house look attractive then you can use ceramic tiles which are eco-friendly.


Misconceptions About Interior Design Courses.

Dubai interior design

There are various whoppers about the interior designers. The people think hiring them would be waste of time, resources and money because designers just experiment with the client’s homes and do just contrast of colours and patterns.  The biggest conception about them is people think interior designer and decorator are the same.

In Dubai, women are dominated in doing interior design courses because they might excel than men and reach to success fast. We are living in 21st century and still we think of discouraging women in every way possible. Women can’t reach to success within a day or two, it needs dedication and talent to become the best among all.

There are some vintage myths about interior design courses in Dubai which we want to expose.

  • Female Course = Interior Designing

People believe that only women studies interior design course in Dubai because their work is to keep the home lively and presentable all the time. If men, want to take up this course then they are tagged as Gay until they become straight. This misconception is idiotic, no job should be judged in terms of race, creed and sex. It’s the desire and passion for designing that matters.

  • Designers are just Fabric Jugglers

In this course, we train people to create space at the right amount to make it look beautiful. The course teaches them about buildings, reading blue prints and layouts. Interior designers are not fabric jugglers. We make customised homes so that your status quotient grows and so does ours. We designers need to take care of our client’s needs and our ideas to be collided with each other. We are makers, not jugglers or circus masters.

Dubai interior design

Misconceptions in Interior design Courses

  • Interior Designers and Decorator are the Same

It’s a serious myth that if we study interior design courses in Dubai then we are same as the decorator. Decorators are creative minds who just make their place or work space more colourful and lively. They try to make boring place into a cheerful place where you love to be. Whereas, an interior designer put things in the right places. They do not experiment in client place nor make atrocious mistakes. They are focused and confident about their plan and execute accordingly. So both professions are different from each other.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

We think why waste money on such courses instead we redecorate or do renovation of our space or homes all by ourselves. If people were so talented and well equipped then why would be studying interior design course in Dubai? We need advice of an expert in this field. Don’t be stingy for money and study the course for better job opportunities globally. If we learn about a particular course then we get more updated with the latest trends and fashion and make us better in our profession.  

  • No scope in Interior Designing

As women we are always thought that you can study the course as your hobby or as leisure. But they do not let you purse it. Well here is another myth which sounds so retro. It’s your determination which takes you ahead in your life. If your passion drives you crazy day and night then no power can stop you to step into this profession. There is demand for interior designers globally. It all depends on your portfolio, talent and willpower of getting more out of you.  

So here were some misconceptions which would have changed your concept towards interior design. It’s up to you, whether you want to excel or bounce back on your seat.


How can one become a better Photographer.

Photography in Dubai

Photography is an art in its purest form.  Photographs speak volumes of emotion when words do not suffice. It is necessary to practice this art right to be established as a good photographer. Photographers in Dubai stress on how creativity and a keen eye for the perfect moment are important while clicking a picture. They also talk about how though patience is bitter, its fruit is sweet and hence it is necessary to patient while attempting to click a picture. Apart from this, there are other aspects to keep in mind to become a better photographer. Some of these include:

  • Practice: The famous saying “practice makes a man perfect” is the key to becoming a successful and professional photographer. Go out into the open and discover what you love to capture. It may simply be clicking pictures of nature or people or things. Find what makes you passionate about photography and click away. The more you click pictures, the better you will get at it. Over confidence and arrogance gets you nowhere. Focus on how you can better yourself. Find flaws in your pictures and try new ways to make it look better.

    Photography in Dubai

    Photographer in Dubai

  • Look: Often, we miss what we see right in front of us. Look around you for inspiration. Go through magazines and other books and find pictures that speak to you. Reflect on why they speak to you and try to look for it in your daily life. Photographers in Dubai say that they click their best pictures when they least expect to. Sometimes, they miss shots because they did not look closely enough. So look. Look for beauty in everything you see.
  • Know your camera: Though this may seem like a basic rule, often people do not explore the features of their cameras and lose out on learning how their gadget works. Instead, sit down and play around with your camera. Learn its unique features and how different settings can produce different pictures. This will help you set the camera for the desired photo within no time and thus make you a skilled and better photographer.
  • Create boundaries: Creating boundaries and restricting yourself, though seems like a bad approach in photography, on the contrary widens your creative capabilities. For example when you limit yourself to shoot only in black and white, you try to find ways to make that black and white picture better. This helps improve your photography as a whole.
  • Shoot during the Golden hour: According to photographers in Dubai, their best pictures are often during sunrise or sunset or just before sunset. This hour, known as the Golden hour has just the right amount of lighting. The light gives an unbelievable glow and warmth to mountains, trees and even buildings. The light along with the color of the sky sets the perfect background for a one in a million picture. Thus, shoot during the Golden hour to enhance your photography skills.

Accessories worn by an Architects.


Architects, known for their suave personality and the mind of a visionary, are one of the most dynamic people. We know of some of the biggest builders all around the world, and the famous Ted Mosby as persuasive, hard working people for the development of the world. It takes a great deal of imagination, and vividness, to form a structure that is so rigid, yet so classy.

One would try to figure what an Architects in Dubai would wear to work, or his ideal “uniform”. Would they dress like the 9 to 5 job holders? Or would they be as casual as it could get; or would they pull off the professor look, with all the tweed that they’d be carrying. Whatever it may be, however it may be, we all definitely wonder how they’d accessorize on duty day.

  • Call it Simplicity:

For centuries we’ve seen architects dress and accessorize themselves as simple, and normal, per say. Having to be under pressure, and mental scrutiny, one doesn’t pay much attention to how they carry themselves, as they’re too busy figuring out the blueprints of a building plan.

  • Or you could call it Classy:

Architects have an innate sense of aesthetics, and class. It comes with years of experience in their field, designing layouts for the finest people and their exquisite lifestyles. Researchers say that specially Dubai  Architects have an effing fixation with bow ties, yet another example of timeless class. With Architects, there’s never any Grey, it’s always either Black or White, or per say, Dapper White.

Architects in UAE

Architects Accessory

  • Communication at its finest:

Having a job position like any sales department of a company, it calls for good communication and PR skills, and situations where you need to interact with the clients. A good deal is equally in ratio to a well groomed self. Any Architect would come to think that their major breakthroughs in a career, are that of when they slayed the client like a model on the ramp.

  • So what’s your favourite accessory?

We’ve come to notice that an Architect’s accessory, or perhaps their steps to success based on a facade, would be a pair of black rimmed glasses, and of course teaming it with the bow tie. Architects of today’s era want to keep it classy and yet modern. They believe that the main point of wearing a bow tie is to “buck tradition and embrace it at the same time.”


Colors- an important essence in web design.

Dubai web Design

Selection of color is one of the most vital but yet often neglected tasks to be taken care of during web designing. Today, an average internet user possesses the attention span of a sparrow and as such, the first thing which engages his mind when he opens a website is its color. Colors have a magical ability to personify objects. It can breathe life into lifeless matters like words written against a dead background. Thus, if aesthetically pleasing it may tempt the customer to check out the contents. If not, he has many other websites to look out for! Realization of this fact has led to a major change in web designing corporate culture in recent years, especially the web design companies in Dubai, which are spending millions of dollars in conducting surveys to find out the taste of the customers.

Which colors should be used in websites?

In order to answer this question let’s first answer an even basic question. What is the different classification of colors?

Colors are primarily classified into 3 groups: Primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.

  • Primary colors are those who can’t be created by the combination of other colors. For example Red, blue and yellow.
  • Secondary ones are those which are created by mixing primary ones and,
  • Tertiary ones are those which are created by mixing secondary ones.

Also, it can be classified as warm colors and cool colors.

  • Warm colors are usually those associated with autumn and winter (ironically). For example yellow, brown, reddish orange etc.
  • Cool colors are those associated with summer and spring (again, ironically). For example Green, magenta, pink etc.

This brings us to the answer of the initial question. While designing a website, one must keep in mind that combination of warm and cool colors shouldn’t be used. It may create confusion and even give a headache to the viewer in addition to the seeming congestion of the web page.

Dubai web Design

Color- Web Design

Depending upon the nature of the content present in the website and the feelings it is supposed to evoke, colors should be accordingly selected because there are various psychological effects of colors which have been scientifically proved.

  • White is the color of peace. It also symbolizes cleanliness, veracity and purity. Because of its lightness, it is an effective background color.
  • Green has a soothing effect due to which it is used in hospitals. It also symbolizes nature. So it can be used in travel & tourism websites.
  • Red is the color of action. It can be used either to arouse passion or issue a warning. It can be used in websites which need viewers to actuate an action.
  • Blue is the color of trust and also pacifies our brain. It can be used almost everywhere due to its versatility.
  • Pink symbolizes cuteness and innocence. It should be preferred if the targeted viewers fall in the range of young and teenage females.

Last but not the least, the biggest blunder which one can commit is using a rainbow in their websites. It must be avoided at all costs. It can fend off viewers as soon as they reach there. Keep the color combination to a minimum and it will give the required aesthetic appeal to the website.